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Lana Media Group Presentation Skills

Go from bland to bold, bring out your best, and make your story stick.​

Presentation Skills



We understand the need and importance of delivering a clear and concise message under pressure. And audiences tend to forget a message, unless that message is memorable.


Our Presentation Skills courses are designed to help you connect with your audience. We intend to bring out the best in people so they can confidently and comfortably present strong, credible messages for their intended audience.


Sessions are typically 3.5-hours long for small groups. Advanced training is also available for full-day workshops, where LMG helps craft the entire presentation, including expert advice on how to effectively create and use PowerPoint slides.



Presentation Skills

Half-day or full-day beginner/advanced workshops that emphasize extensive practice and include videotaping and critique. Participants will learn to:


  • Compose and deliver presentations with structure, confidence, and clarity.

  • Captivate audiences and convince them to act on recommendations.

  • Gain an approach to analyze the audience’s needs.

  • Prepare a framework for every presentation.

  • Deliver a succinct message.

  • Start out strongly with key points.

  • Make your close “stick” with the audience.

  • Use stories and statistics to reinforce your message.

  • Understand the importance of body language, energy, and eye contact.

  • Deliver with confidence, clarity, and persuasiveness.

  • Create an action plan for continued improvement.

  • Use PowerPoint slides/handouts effectively.


Lana Media Group reviews PPT, video, and written materials prior to the workshop, so we can fully customize the workshop to your needs.

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