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Lana Media Group Presentation Skills

Get out of your head, be spontaneous, and make each other look good.

Improvisation for Collaboration and Communication



Collaboration and teamwork are essential skills that can be practiced and strengthened in a fun and playful environment. Through a series of exercises and games, your group will get out of their heads and into developing spontaneous habits that reinforce listening and make their teammates look good. The strategies and techniques of basic improv can unite a room full of strangers and help existing teams improve communication, presentation, leadership, and overall professional development.


We develop customized improv workshops based on our client’s needs. Our workshops are usually two-three hours depending on the size of the group.



Improvisation for Collaboration and Communication

Participants will learn how to use improvisation to:

  • Build teamwork (where everyone listens and is listened to).

  • Break down the obstacles that prevent teamwork.

  • Make each other look good.

  • Learn how to say yes to ideas.

  • Think on your feet.

  • Encourage team creativity.

  • Gain skills to generate ideas.

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