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Lana Media Group Presentation Skills

Learn to create lively, engaging, and informative panel discussions.

Moderating Exciting Panel Discussions



We have been forced to attend countless boring panel discussions and, frankly, we knew we could help: It all begins with a good moderator.


Moderating a panel discussion is harder than it may look. This course is designed to help beginner and seasoned moderators create a lively, engaging, and informative panel discussion. Participants will work on maintaining an audience-centric focus to keep the audience interested and involved. With interaction, lively discussion, and hands-on practice, participants will focus on ways to direct questions in the most effective ways, balance participant contributions, and open and close the discussion in an effective manner. 



Moderating Exciting Panel Discussions

Participants will learn how to:

  • Determine clear panel objectives.

  • Create a strong panel environment.

  • Learn ways to generate conclusive evidence about panel topic/products/trends.

  • Direct questions in the most effective ways.

  • Probe for deeper insights.

  • Paraphrase; link ideas; maintain flow.

  • Support questions through audience logic.

  • Focus on the advancement of panel objectives.

  • Practice transitions to bridge questions.

  • Anticipate panelist responses.

  • Control over-talkers; draw out timid participants.

  • Manage disagreements, conflict.

  • Summarize and close effectively.


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